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Module 1 Phase 1-  
Unit 1 Phase 1: Preparation
Unit 2 Week One
Unit 3 Week Two
Unit 4 Week Three
Unit 5 Week Four
Module 2 Phase 1- "Fishing Boat Makunouchi" Month Two  
Unit 1 Week Five
Unit 2 Week Six
Unit 3 Week Seven
Unit 4 Week Eight
Module 3 Phase 1- "Fishing Boat Makunouchi" Month Three  
Unit 1 Week Nine
Unit 2 Week Ten
Unit 3 Week Eleven
Unit 4 Week Twelve
Unit 5 Week Thirteen

The First Steps Boxing Program takes inspiration from the same journey taken by Ippo Makunouchi, from his days renting out the family fishing boat to becoming a boxing champion. This program will take a long time to complete. 

Who is this course for?
Students of this course should already have an established, active daily routine. Absolute beginners should not attempt this course.
What kind of workouts will I be doing?
Weightlifting workouts, along with roadwork (running and sprinting), and conditioning and skill work related to boxing, including hitting various bags, jumping rope, and sparring.
If I apply myself, what will I likely accomplish through this course?
You will develop a vast pool of stamina, while your strength, speed, and power increase, especially in the areas of running and punching. Your body will most likely lean out. Expect a fighter's body, not a bodybuilder's!