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Sendou’s Regular Training

​Sendou Takeshi is a monster. He has massive upper body strength and loves, loves, LOVES to brawl. He loves to stand in the middle of the ring and trade with his opponents, because he's tough as nails and loves testing his mettle against other strong guys. He's known for street fighting in ​Osaka and is frequently called the Naniwa Tiger, because of his massive ferocity. If you've been reading Real Anime Training for a while, you know that we did a Sendou workout a while ago, but this is the next level.

​Leading up to his first fight with Makunouchi Ippo, Sendou boasted a very strong record of 6 wins and 0 losses, winning every single fight by Knockout. This displays just how much power this young man was capable of producing with this punches, particularly his signature move: The Smash.  The opponents that Sendou connected this attack on were completely wrecked and laid the foundation for his path to fighting in the All-Japan Rookie King Tournament. In order to do something like that, he would have to have a great deal of strength and explosiveness to be able to generate the power necessary for his multiple knockouts. The following workout is designed to mimic the type of training someone might do to gain such strength, but would not be the whole of someone's boxing program.

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​Sendou's Regular Training

  1. ​Light Shadowboxing- ​1 Minute
  2. ​DB Overhead Press- ​8 Reps
  3. Pull-ups- ​Max Reps
  4. Push-ups- Max Reps
  5. DB Biceps Curls- 8 Reps
  6. Sit-ups- Max Reps
  7. ​"Smash" to Heavy Bag- 5 Reps Each Side

--6 Rounds


  1. ​​3 Minutes Light Shadowboxing (1 Min Rest)
  2. ​20 Seconds All-Out Heavy Bag Punching/10 Seconds Rest x 8 Rounds (4 Minutes Total Round, 3 Minutes Rest)
  3. ​3 Minutes Light Shadowboxing (1 Min Rest)
  4. ​10 Seconds All-Out Heavy Bag Punching/50 Seconds Rest x 4 Rounds (4 Minutes Total Round)
  5. 3 Minutes Shadowboxing
  6. 3 x 3 Minutes Mitt Work (1 min rest in between all rounds)
  7. 3 x 3 Minutes Heavy Bag Work (1 min rest in between all rounds)
  8. Run 5 km, punching as you run​​​ (1 min rest in between all rounds)


  • This workout is not a workout that you would do every day. If you are wanting to use this workout as the basis of your boxing training, doing it 3 times a week with 2 more technical days and sparring during the week and a long run on the weekend is a great idea. ​
  • ​You should pick a weight that you can barely get 8 reps with on your weightlifting. You may have a hard time getting 8 reps in your later rounds, but eventually you'll be able to do it. Once you can complete 8 reps with whatever weight you're using for all 6 rounds, go up 2.5-5# in the next workout.
  • ​The "Smash" is a full power, upward diagonal punch that's sort of a long uppercut and a long hook combined. You'll want to throw it will as much power as you can muster and don't worry about whether or not it's a wide punch, because it is meant to be done against a dazed opponent as a "kill shot."
  • During your "Afternoon" session, the 20 seconds on/10 seconds off protocol means that you should go as hard as possible for the ON and stop completely on the OFF, focusing on getting your breathing back down. The same applies for the 10 seconds ON/50 seconds off, but your power output will be a little higher during each set of that.
  • ​When working the mitts or the bag, I want you to focus on hitting HARD. Sendou may not be the speediest guy in the world as far as number of punches thrown, but every one of his shots is like a freight train smacking you in the head.
  • The 5 km run can be run at whatever pace you feel like for that day, depending on your fatigue.

​The "Smash" leaves most opponents flat.

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